Setting the course of Physical Therapy in California

The Assembly of Representatives (AOR) is the foremost legislative and policy-making body of the CPTA. The AOR meets once a year on the Friday before CPTA Annual Conference. During the meeting, representatives vote on motions which direct the CPTA Board of Directors to pursue specific goals and amend and revise CPTA Bylaws, to impact PT practice and direct the activities and positions of the CPTA. In this way the Assembly is directly influential in setting the course of Physical Therapy in California.

Your elected group of representatives from the Northeast District are getting ready to be your voice at the Assembly. If you are interested in what is planned to be discussed this year, or if you would like to ask your representatives to present something on your behalf, show up for our Pre-Assembly meeting the evening of September 30th. Check out our Facebook page to RSVP for the event so we can plan for your attendance.

And if you have interest in professional engagement, now or in the future, running to be a representative for the AOR is a great way to make connections and understand how our professional organization works. The Assembly is a unique event that can help you find your best fit to influence this important profession.

Amy Flinn, PT, CLT-LANA

Chief Representative of the Northeast District