A 2018 Assembly of Representatives review from Northeast District Chief Representative Amy Flinn

In Review: The 2018 CPTA Assembly of Representatives 2018~

CPTA President Chris Powers provided a synopsis of the year including legislative victories, member growth, fund for research fundraising, working toward a float for APTA centennial in 2021, work on reimbursement for services and promoting Physical Therapy to the public to name a few. Additionally we heard a positive report on the financial status of the CPTA.

On to the deliberative work of the Assembly:
Motions were debated, reworked, and passed (or not), based on voting by CPTA members including fourteen representatives from NED.
-PTs and PTAs now have equal representation in the Assembly based on percentage  of  membership. This replaces the previous, much debated, methodology that resulted in higher representation of PT members relative to PTA members regardless of membership numbers.
-Motions were passed to better communicate what happens nationally at the APTA House of Delegates to California membership via the CPTA Assembly of Representatives.
-A motion charging the CPTA office to work more effectively with districts was withdrawn. Based on the ideas sparked by the conversation surrounding the motion, the CPTA Education Committee took immediate steps to work on better collaboration with Districts regarding educational offerings.
-A motion was debated and passed resulting in a CPTA statement in support of evidence based anti-gun violence measures. A follow up motion also passed which additionally charged CPTA to bring forward a similar statement of support at next year’s APTA House of Delegates.

NED Representatives (not pictured: Chance Hendricks, Delegate)

NED Representatives (not pictured: Chance Hendricks, Delegate)

Following the close of official Assembly business our Representatives sat in on the live candidate forum for the upcoming CPTA elections. NED district member Matt Downey is running  for Nominating Committee and represented us well. Remember to research the CPTA candidates  and place your vote by Oct 19th at ccapta.org.

NED Member Matt Downey making his candidate statement during the post-Assembly Candidate Forum.

NED Member Matt Downey making his candidate statement during the post-Assembly Candidate Forum.

Many great connections were made with each other and with Representatives from other districts.

Kudos to our new member who sat in the gallery in the back.

Hoping  to see you at PT Day of Service or our next pub night!

Amy Flinn, PT, CLT-LANA

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