Serving the profession at a State Level: a post from Northeast District Chief Representative to the CPTA Assembly of Representatives

What it means to be a representative for the CPTA:

-Have a say in the direction CA takes for the profession

-Charge California to take issues to the APTA House of Delegates for the direction of our profession nationally

-Stay in touch with the direction CPTA and APTA are going with our profession

-Understand why our CPTA makes the decisions they do

-Oppose ideas I don't agree with

-Introduce ideas I care about and lobby for ideas I agree with

-Network with other people passionate about Physical Therapy

What is the time commitment? 

It takes one evening meeting a few weeks before and one full day meeting the day of the Assembly to be involved. Opportunities continue throughout the year to voice your opinion and introduce ideas if needed between Assembly meetings are available, but not required.

Why do I stay committed as a Representative and Chief Rep for NE District CPTA? 

Initially I started to network and help shape the direction of my profession. I have introduced ideas that were initially opposed, but started conversations that lead to real change. I have seen things passed I don't agree on, but were able to shape them to be what I believe is better for our profession. I have seen many issues that promote our profession passed in the Assembly with great support. In summary I stay involved because I LOVE PHYSICAL THERAPY and want to see it continue to be the amazing profession I joined. I want to preserve quality, meaning and payment for services. 

Do you have to be a Representative to be involved? 

No, you can come to the meeting before the Assembly to hear the issues and voice your opinion for the Representatives to take into account. You can call, email, text or otherwise contact a Representative to voice your concern or idea to take to the group. You can show up to any CPTA NE District event and likely there will be a Representative there, talking about ideas for our profession and taking note of your opinion.

Looking forward to updating you on what happens at the Assembly coming up on the 21st of September.

See all you great NE District Reps on that date!

Amy Flinn, PT, CLT-LANA

Chief NE District Assembly Rep

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