The Sports Course is here!

The Northeast District is looking forward to the Results Sports Symposium coming up this weekend. Please be aware that there is still space available if you would like to register. In its third rendition, the course will expand participant knowledge regarding preferred practice techniques for treatment of the foot and ankle. Prior years covered similar content with respect to treatment of the Soccer athlete and shoulder rehabilitation respectively and this year will prove to be just as exceptional! Join us this weekend for another successful year. Registration is available here.


Also, don’t forget to keep the upcoming Vestibular course on your radar for October! Registration is hosted via CPTA as they are cosponsoring the course with us. There will be great content for providers looking to further their expertise and exposure to the growing field of vestibular rehabilitation in the context of positional vertigo, vestibular hypofunction, concussion, and emerging diagnoses such as Persistent-Postural Perceptual Dizziness.